Since we markеd the ninth anniversary of our law firm, we have asked our clients and partners to give us their feedback regarding both the quality of tax assistance provided by us and the tax training events we hold.

We are truly honored to share their opinion and express our sincere gratitude for choosing our team to assist them in the field of Bulgarian and international tax law.

Their trust in our team motivates us to continue ahead and become better at what we do.


About our team and our assistance

A great team of young tax lawyers! Persevering, energetic, always up to date with the latest jurisprudence of the national courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union in tax matters. Finding this team is a matter of luck. I strongly recommend them!

Mihail Popov, Manager

Balkan Trade Export EOOD, transportation services


We turned to Anelia for advice regarding a complex tax query, which occurred in relation to our company’s plans for cross-border expansion.  

Her tax advice was proficient and thoroughly examined the related potential tax effects. It included evaluation of the related risks based on an overview of the latest administrative practice and case law. Besides an objective analysis of the situation at hand, her advice also contained recommendations on how to deal with the situation in the most efficient manner.

Ever since, we successfully worked with Anelia on other tax matters in the field of the double taxation.

I strongly recommend Tatarova Law Firm to any company that wishes to get high quality tax consultations.

Dimitar Lexin, Financial director

Agropolychim AD, merchandising


It is my pleasure to recommend Anelia Tatarova as tax and legal consultant.

As of 2015 Anelia has worked for me with tax specific issues. I have been impressed with Anelia’s attitude and motivation during the whole time that she has worked for me. One of the great advantages is that she provides comprehensive knowledge and experience in both, legal and tax issues. Her constant availability in the greater Sofia area has also proved to be particularly advantageous.

Throughout the time I have worked with her, Anelia has greatly handled new inquires and orders. At all times, she processed the orders quickly. However, this never resulted in a loss of quality. On the contrary, her work has proven to be far above average.

What has also contributed to the fast handling of orders is that she has an outstanding national network with authorities in Bulgaria. This provides another unique advantage that has proven to be very helpful.

As the Managing Director and Founder of American Optics Europe (AOE), part of a multinational corporation, it requires international knowledge to provide me with sophisticated advice on my legal and tax situation in Bulgaria. Again, Anelia has proved more than once that she is highly capable to solve such international legal and tax issues. Clearly, this presupposes that her written and spoken English is excellent.

Jens Uwe Ebsen, Managing Director

American Optics Europe, optics goods trading


We are deeply thankful to Anelia Tatarova for the high quality of work related to the appeal of a tax assessment act issued to our company. The positive final ruling is due entirely on her competent legal work and professional attitude. We highly recommend her and her team!

Michael Alexandrov, Manager 

Aqua-3 OOD, construction services


Anelia Tatarova was recommended to us by our business partner. Ever since we started working with her we have been truly impressed by her client oriented approach. 

She reacts immediately and with great attention to the specific case we have, regardless of the overall load of work of her law firm.

Having an eye for the detail, Anelia always delivers advice that is straight to the point and with solid argumentation, which is something we rarely come across when working with tax lawyers.

As a person Anelia Tatarova is energetic and positive, which makes communication with her a pleasure – something that a client rarely expects from specialists in the field of tax law.

I strongly recommend Anelia Tatarova’s team to clients who need in-depth research of a particular tax law matter and a solid and well-grounded legal opinion.”

Kalina Slavova, Executive Director

BM Leasing AD, leasing services


Anelia and Tatarova Law Firm are BRILLIANT tax advisors!

In 2013 I was searching for a tax advisor for an American actor who was filming in Bulgaria. We felt that our actor client could be going back to Bulgaria for other film projects and wanted to make sure the actor was in compliance with all Bulgarian tax obligations. We found Anelia on line…I viewed her website which is very nicely done and provided excellent information on the background of her firm. And based on her excellent experience level, I felt that Anelia could be a good fit to help us with our client.

Anelia provided complete, excellent and understandable advice in a very timely fashion. As a result, we feel confident that our client has fulfilled his obligations in Bulgaria and is now going back for another project….and Anelia is involved again, updating her advice. We’ve been very happy working with Anelia and recommend her to anyone needing tax advice in Bulgaria.”

Wayne Mejia

DEBLOIS MEJIA & KAPLAN LLP, certified public accountants


We are delighted with the legal assistance provided to us by Tatarova Law Firm during the long litigation process related to the appeal of two tax assessment acts issued to our company by the NRA. The professional handling and in-depth analysis of each and every fact relevant to our case performed by Tatarova’s team were undoubtedly instrumental for the successful outcome of our appeals. 

We believe anyone who approaches Tatarova Law Firm in need of legal assistance within the quite specific and cumbersome field of tax law and litigation shall receive competent and exhaustive legal aid.

The best of wishes to Mrs. Tatarova and her team in their future professional endeavors!

Albena Sotirova, Manager

Denia OOD, trading


We and Anelia Tatarova fought a 5-year court battle against an assessment act issued to our company by the Bulgarian tax authorities. Thanks to the professionalism of Anelia and her relentless and hard work throughout the process we won the case.It is our great pleasure to know her.

We may only hope that there will be more Bulgarian lawyers dedicated to their profession!”

Domenico Sancricca, Manager

Ecovita OOD, production and merchandising


We have been working together with Anelia Tatarova in the field of tax law since 2013. Her loyalty, responsibility and professionalism is what is distinctive about her work, regardless of how complex the specific case is.

The personal approach of Anelia and her team is worth of our recognition and respect.

I recommend Tatarova Law Firm as a reliable partner whom we trust to handle all tax law cases that occur in our activity.”

Stanislav Borisov, Manager

Ekip EOOD, construction services


We are deeply pleased with the job well done and the amazing professionalism with which you act in every single case. You put inexhaustible energy in your work and are always ready to fight against any injustice. Wish you good luck in your future endeavors!

Vania Bahchevanova, Logistics Manager

HL – TopMix, manifacture and trading


Consciously and responsibly we recommend Tatarova Law Firm for their high professionalism, assertive and adaptive approach towards the client’s demands.”

Desislava Grigorova, Chief Accountant

Jumbo EC.B EOOD, merchandising


“Over a period of several months Mrs Tatarova assisted me with a very complex international cross border tax and social securities issue. Due to her professionalism, dedication, fact knowledge, wide experience and right connections she was able to come up with the most optimal solution. I can highly recommend Mrs Tatarova.”

Kenneth Kessels, Switzerland


I contacted Ms. Anelia Tatarova in regard to a tax assessment act issued by the NRA. 

Right in the very beginning I understood that she is a specialist in the VAT field. She quickly grasped the nature of our problem.

I did not believe that there is sense to appeal the act but she managed to convince me to fight. We began long and professional battle in the court. Thanks to her and her professional qualities we closed the case successfully and created a precedent in our field.

I am highly pleased with Anelia’s work. The fee I paid her was money best spent.

Iskra Miteva, Manager 

M&M Agency EOOD, tourist services 


“It is our pleasure to recommend the professional services of Tatarova Law Firm.

The cooperation between Anelia Tatarova  and our company was established in 2018.  Anelia as a Tax Expert Lawyer,  has been representing Holiday Inn Sofia with tax and legal advice. At all times she has demonstrated  a high level of knowledge in the relevant areas. Her expertise and engagement  met and exceeded our expectations.  Her proactive approach and flexibility was considered valuable for our compan in achieving resolution on tax matters with the Tax Authorities. She is especially knowledgeable on Double Tax Treaties with regard to Bulgaria, as well as transfer pricing and other tax matters.

On a personal level, it is a great pleasure to cooperate with Anelia. Her communicative attitude, outstanding enthusiasm and good level of written and spoken English,  ensured that the co-operation was of a very high standard  at all times.  

We recommend Tatarova Law Firm  to any international investor seeking a tax advisor with high levels of expertise.”

Moez Janmohamed, Group Managing Director

Meridian Hotels Bulgaria EOOD


We met Anelia Tatarova during one of her tax training. Since we were very satisfied with the quality of the training we contacted her regarding a VAT issue related to the cross-border activity of our company. Based on that advice, we continued working together on all complex tax and social insurance issues we encountered in our day-to-day business activity.

We strongly recommend Anelia Tatarova because she always willingly assists us in short terms and explains in details the steps we need to follow as to resolve the tax matters we encounter.

Luka de Stefani, Executive Director

MG Anodi International AD, merchandising


Anelia Tatarova is one of those few professionals who instantly leaves you with the feeling that you have met the right person for the tax issues at hand. Having the profound knowledge in her field of expertise, as well as the vigor needed to complete any engagement regardless of its complexity, she is highly recommended by our team.

Nino Kalayanov, Managing Partner

NS Consulting OOD, auditing services


I am truly grateful to Anelia for her assistance with the appeal of may tax assessment act. She was very supportive and provided me with advice and directions all the time. I strongly recommend her to anyone who has a tax issue and would like to obtain competent advice and personal approach!

Petar Marinov, services



About our tax trainings

Anelia Tatarova is a great lector who is able to capture the attention of the public when presenting complex tax matters that are usually tough to comprehend.

Anelia has in-depth knowledge in the tax law field and is truly committed to her tax practice. She is a professional who manages to pass her knowledge in tax matters to the public in a comprehensible and user-friendly manner.”

Daniela Zapryanova, Head of Accounting and Tax Department

Agropolyhim AD, merchandising


Business Education Club has been organizing trainings since 2009 both for the state and municipal administration and the business.

We have the honor and the pleasure to partner with Anelia since 2016 during which period we have 5 joint trainings. 
We are impressed by her preparation for each training, her individual approach to each participant and her professional attitude towards us and the business. As a result we have successful trainings with very high rate of approval by the participants.
We consider that lecturers like Anelia enforce new standards in the trainings as assisting business in taking management decisions.”
Kornelia Mileva, Manager
Business Education Club EOOD, trainings

The tax training I attended was really useful to me. The matters related to international double taxation were presented by Anelia in a user-friendly manner.

The time flew by and the training was really engaging. It covered not only theoretical issues but also practical aspects of the tax matters we discussed.

I would be truly interested in attending more training courses organized by Anelia and her team.

Maya Yankova, Chief Accountant

BM Leasing AD, leasing services


As chairman of the Regional Organization of the CPAs of Burgas I would like to express gratitude on behalf of our members for the exceptional professionalism of Anelia Tatarova during the tax training she held for us.

She manages to present complex tax matters in an interesting, comprehensive and proficient manner and give us practical knowledge on how to deal with challenging cases which occur in our practice as well as in our clients’ practice.

Rositza Pechurkova, CPA and President

Burgas Regional Organization of the CPAs


I was impressed by the personal commitment, responsibility and organizational skills of Anelia Tatarova presented during the tax training I attended. 

The training topics were taught with exceptional proficiency and personal approach.

Desislava Grigorova, Chief Accountant

Jumbo EC.B EOOD, merchandising


Tatarova Law Firm held training for the personnel of our Finance and Accounting Department related to the specifics of withholding tax and double tax treaties. The training was tailored for the demands of our firm stemming from the international expansion of our business. The topics were presented proficiently and comprehensively, which gave us the opportunity to identify potential tax risks and minimize them.

The services provided by Anelia Tatarova’s team met our requirements for professional services and we would use their assistance again, whenever needed.”

Rositza Dineva, Financial Director

Trace Group Hold AD, construction services